Little Guy and the Mystery to New York is the first film in the Little Guy Mystery Movies series, which is released in 2013. The film focuses on Little Guy and the others' plan to save Richard Watterson, and defeat Gree Guy and Boba Fett.


The plot is provided as-is, but it excludes the beginning. The film first begins with the Greeny Phatom characters walking to Dr's house, in which Dr. plays "Smash Mouth" on his radio (as he took DJ lessons). At about 0:10 seconds for which the song is played, Little Guy takes the CD out of the radio and smashes it, remarking that he heard Alien Guy's voice, referencing Greeny Phatom the Movie 2, in which he destroyed a Gree Guy creation.

The remains of the disc forms into a word "Foosch Yu Mung", prompting the gang to find a Quija board. Dr. Beanson, trying to get it to work, asks Monty Python for help, in which after that, several papers come out. Little Guy and the others proceed to read them.

After a few hours, Little Guy and the others are already tired, as they already got up to "Gree Thy Name is Not Pure" (Dr. Beanson remarking that it is fact, not fiction), then after they read it, Gree Guy teleports to the Wattersons' house, and kidnapps Richard. Then, he teleports out with Richard, and then they end up in New York with the Greenies and the objects. Then, Gree Guy hides in a shop named "TDK Electronica", which Little Guy finds using a GPS. Moments later, he fails to get Richard back, so Gree Guy bought a remote to destroy Little Guy.

Then, a big battle breaks out. Gree Guy had lost (even with his 100000+ battle droids), and Gumball reunites with Richard. Then, the Big Ben collapses.

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